Atomic - Bikini Tapes

Featuring: Fredrik Ljungkvist | Magnus Broo | Havard Wiik | Ingebrigt Haker Flaten | Paal Nilssen-Love

Musicians on the recording

Fredrik Ljungkvist - tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet
Magnus Broo - trumpet
Havard Wiik - piano
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten - bass
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums and percussion




Recording track list

Side A

  1. Geometrical Restlessness (Havard Wiik)
  2. Kerosene (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  3. Leave Stacy (Havard Wiik)

Side B

  1. Feets From Above (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  2. Boom Boom (Fredrik Ljungkvist)

Side C

  1. Den Flyktiga Magneten (Magnus Broo)
  2. El Coto (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  3. Konrads Hopp Om Livet (Fredrik Ljungkvist)

Side D

  1. Bop About (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  2. Alla Dansar Samba Till Tyst Musik (Magnus Broo)
  3. Pyramid Song (Radiohead)

Side E

  1. Toner Fran Forr (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  2. Alla Dansar Samba Till Tyst Musik (Magnus Broo)
  3. Hyper (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  4. Re-Lee (Havard Wiik)

Side F

  1. Kerosene (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
  2. Boom Boom (Fredrik Ljungkvist)
NoBusiness Records NBLP 20/21/22
Release year - 2010
Edition of 300 copies

Credits and release info

  • Recorded 02.03.04 (Trondheim), 05.03.04 (Bergen), 06.03.04 (Stavanger), 09.03.04 (Asker), 11.03.04 (Tonsberg), 14.03.04 (Oslo) and 01.07.04 (Kongsberg) by Thomas Hukkelberg
  • Mixed by Andy Mytteis at Bugge?s Room
  • Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
  • Original graphic work “FISH” by Žygimantas Vilkas
  • Original photo and design by Oskaras Anosovas
  • Produced by ATOMIC and Danas Mikailionis
  • Co-producer – Valerij Anosov
Atomic - Bikini Tapes -